5 Reasons A Small Business Needs A Website

So you’re kick-starting your business and not sure where to start. In an age where digital marketing is growing more and more every day, having a presence in the digital space is imperative for your business to thrive. Every day, more and more businesses are making the switch to digital. And you should too. Here are 5 reasons why your small business needs a website.

  1. Advertising

All businesses need a web presence. One of the main reasons for this is because of advertising.  A website can be a relatively inexpensive way to advertise. It provides your customers with product or service information and can also advertise specials, promotions, or sales you are having. You can use your website to advertise your promotions and your products, thus increasing sales.

You can also promote limited time online offers, and even offer special deals for customers who come to the website.

  1. Credibility

Having a professional website will attract your consumers and give your business credibility. Let’s face it; we are living in the digital age. If a consumer sees that you don’t have a website, they will easily turn to a competitor, making you lose that revenue. Remember, your website can work as an online brochure, displaying all you have to offer in an easily accessible way. A polished, professional looking website will attract customers and give your business more value.

  1. E-commerce, E-commerce, E-commerce

You might not know it, but e-commerce is growing exponentially every year in the U.S. In 2017, spending in e-commerce alone in the United States was a whopping $453.46 billion. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn extra cash flow for your business. It is suspected that sales in retail e-commerce will grow up to over $684 billion in 2020. Use your website to sell your products and services and become a part of this statistic!

  1. A Wider Market

Having a website opens up your products or services to a wider market. This means that people from all around the world can look at, view, or buy your products and/or services. This opens up huge potential for more revenue. Having a website can give your business more of a global reach, opening up the opportunity to reach thousands of more potential customers. And remember, digital is always cheaper, so you will be saving money.

  1. Increase Your Value

Customers are drawn to companies that are professional, reliable and offer stellar services. If a customer is doing his or her research and looking at different competitors, they will use your website as a way to measure what you have to offer. Having a website will increase your influence. An interesting and useful website can influence the decision-making process of a consumer and lead them into the sales funnel. Without a website, the value of your business will lower in the eyes of your customers and even potential business loan partners.




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