5 Reasons Shared Hosting is Bad

Shared Hosting - Bearcat Media - SEO and Website Development CompanyShared web hosting is a type of hosting in which multiple different websites share the same server. Websites that are on these shared hosting plans not only share the same server but they also all share the server’s resources. While shared hosting is the most common form of hosting, it is not the best option for websites that require certain functionality and/or features.

Here are 5 reasons why shared hosting may not be the best option for you.

  • Space

Most low-traffic websites don’t require much space or server resources, which is why many of them opt for shared hosting. However, when a website’s online presence begins to grow and it begins to gain more traffic, shared hosting can quickly turn into a nightmare. A website with a lot of traffic needs a lot more resources than a smaller website, and shared hosting services do not have the resources or features high-traffic websites need, such as size and space.  

A high-volume website needs lots of server resources and storage space for optimal performance. A lack of resources and storage space can lead to downtime, slow site speeds, and potentially hundreds of thousands of angry customers.

  • Increased Downtime

Shared hosting services tend to experience extremely high instances of server errors. This results in long load times. For example, if a website on a shared server experiences a sudden surge in traffic, the server may crash because it is not built to handle all that traffic. This can disturb your website’s productivity and become an obstacle to the growth of your website.

  • You Share Resources With Every Other Site on The Same Server

This includes storage, bandwidth, and processing power. Every website that is using a server also has its own fixed amount of memory, and if one website goes over its memory capacity, your website and every other website that is on that same server will suffer the consequences (slow speeds, downtime, etc.).

  • Time

When you run into issues with your shared web hosting, you will waste your business’s valuable time when you have to spend time contacting customer support and fixing the issue. This is time you could be spending on improving your business.

  • Security

Shared hosting doesn’t have strong, reliable security like other web hosting companies do. This means that if your website is ever hacked, you risk the chance of your data being compromised.

So, What Are The Alternatives?

If your website has a lot of traffic and daily visitors, you should consider an alternate form of web hosting such as VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting or Dedicated Hosting, both of which provide better options, security, and less risk of errors or downtime occurring.

Don’t let your business and online presence fall behind. If your business has a high-volume website and gets lots of traffic, consider switching to a more reliable, secure web hosting service that lets your business reach its online goals.

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