Google Search Console: Why it is a Must Have SEO Tool

Google Search Console - SEO - Bearcat MediaThere are a plethora of SEO tools available in 2018. Many of them are highly beneficial but come at costly prices. However, smart marketers use some intelligent tools to assist their SEO tasks especially when there is a deadline to meet.

 Google Search Console (GSC), in this regard, is one of those smart tools that marketers leverage for Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO). The good news is that it is free and a convenient way to explore insights about your web page as the main platform.

However, numerous marketing teams underutilize this smart tool. To accomplish your search marketing goals, it is important that you know What Google Search Console is?  And how can you make the most out of it?

What is it Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a transformed version of former’ Google Webmaster Tool’. A free web-based program is an SEO tool designed for webmasters and website owners to track both crawling stats and indexing from, Google bot.

Furthermore, it provides you metrics to assist web marketers to optimize your website to improve its organic visibility. This SEO tool is very useful for monitoring metrics and discovering new insights that help you increase organic footprint.

Why is Google Search Console important for SEO?

Google Search Console is a great tool for SEO professionals as it provides information about search traffic, crawl data, search appearance, technical updates to improve status. In addition to providing this information, GSC offers educational resources.

It is a valuable resource to explore the traffic on your website by vastly improving your website’s daily performance. It identifies issues that plague search functionality.

Here are four main reasons why GSC is an important application for achieving the best SEO.

Search Indexation

It is one of the common issues faced by SEO professionals. Indexation error blocks the traffic of your webpage. It prevents your website from showing in the top SERP listing. GSC is important as it provides a complete indexation report, demonstrating the total number of Google indexed URLs, number of URLs robots.txt file has not indexed and also removed URLs.

Traffic Reports

By providing organic reports, GSC shows your webpage’s number of impressions, international traffic sources, and CTR of a cell phone search.

Search Appearance

GSC shows its users an exact appearance of their structured data displayed in a SERP listing. This information is very important for SEO professionals to identify webpage’s snippets and site link extensions.

Crawling Issues

Exploring how Google crawls your websites is valuable information for a web marketer to improve Google ranking. GSC helps SEO professionals evaluate this by providing crawl stats and information of downloaded data.

Bottom Line

GSC is a technological breakthrough for SEO professionals, providing them loads of important information to improve their web presence and traffic. The great application also helps webmasters determine potential security problems that may affect the website in future.

In addition, GSC provides Google page appearance, speed tests for your website, and a web academy to optimize your webpage creatively to improve its SEO ranking.




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