How Your Web Design Could be Negatively Affecting Your Business

While many small business owners appreciate the importance of online traffic, company websites are often neglected. When it comes to social media and marketing strategy, it is easy to overlook the website design. Unfortunately, without a great website design, you’re immediately limiting your ability to increase brand awareness, your reputation, and even your reach. So, if you want your website to be more than just a place for customers to find your contact details, you need to appreciate how your web design could be negatively affecting your business.

Proper Organization Increases Engagement and Conversion

When your website is well organized and well designed, it makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for, reducing the likelihood of clicking away. Additionally, the more common placement of certain items, the greater the likelihood of a positive user experience. This includes contact information, social media icons or a home page icon.

In the research study Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites, the aim was to determine the influence triggers for trust among the users of health websites. The team specifically examined the effect of the design elements vs. content. 94% of the study participants claimed that the mistrust of a site was directly related to the design elements, with just 6% related to the actual site content. Some of the red flag elements included pop up or flamboyant adverts, hard to read small print, complex or busy layouts, slow load times or intros and a boring design.

Telling Your Company’s Story

It is easy to see that a poor website, it going to hurt brand perception. This has a massive impact on business. Just like you wouldn’t shop in a store with peeling paint and tired window displays, your website needs to be inviting. Your website needs to tell your company’s story to boost your brand. You should use elements and colors matching your print marketing to help connect your brand. For example, having your website match your brochures, and billboards will help your potential customers to make connections to any brand references.

Build For Your Search Engine Optimization

When you’re considering your website build, it is vital to always think about SEO. While aesthetics can be easily altered later in your design, good SEO can’t. Although design trends may come and go, your brand and online presence will last forever. This means that you shouldn’t focus on the latest modern design trends at a cost of SEO.

It is vital to consider SEO strategies including having a responsive website to ensure that your site is readable across different devices and show up higher in the Google search results.

Remember your web design directly interacts with SEO and every design feature carries the potential to affect search rankings.

A Pretty Site

A great website is a balance of beauty and functionality. If you are visiting an excellently designed site, you’re not likely to notice it, but you’re likely to feel less stressed or even “happy” adding up to a great user experience. Remember, the internet is a colorful place, so make sure you’re using color in the right way for the right purpose to the right audience.

If you want to make the most of the internet, you need to consider the full impact of your website. It is an opportunity rather than just a spot on the internet. From branding to SEO, your web design can shape how your company is viewed by your audience, so be sure to invest in the future of your company.




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