Less is More: Choosing Quality over Quantity in Your Content Marketing Strategy

Quality vs. quantity is the age-old debate in content marketing. While experts say that quality always comes before quantity, the sheer production at which we see content produced on the internet says differently.

The truth is, quality will always come before quantity, but this doesn’t stop inexperienced content marketers from sacrificing quality to churn out more content. Businesses do this because they believe that sacrificing time to create less content means they are sacrificing potential revenue. But this isn’t true.

One of the key components of a successful content marketing strategy is quality. Churning out content that doesn’t resonate with users, diminishes your authority, is unshareable, or makes your business look unprofessional serves no purpose.

Google Loves Quality

It is common knowledge that Google likes fresh, high-quality content. Google rewards websites with quality content by placing them higher in search engine results. It’s also a known fact that Google penalizes websites with low-quality content (i.e. keyword stuffing, content that is not authoritative, duplicate content, etc.)

The fact is, the newer and higher quality your content is, the more likely Google is to reward your website.

Although Google rewards new, high-quality content, this doesn’t mean you should be posting anything and everything. When determining search rankings for websites, Google tends to consider quality content as content that is authentic, engaging and reliable.

  • Originality: content that is authentic and unique to you and your brand cannot be found anywhere else and will set you apart from your competitors
  • Engagement: posting unique, engaging content will engage your users, encourage them to share your content, drive traffic, and ultimately increase ROI.
  • Readability: the flow of your content makes it appealing to users and helps get your message across.
  • Usefulness: your content should provide something of value to readers. Does it help people? Will a user be willing to share the content with a friend?
  • Reliability: Google wants legitimate, reliable content. By referencing and citing authoritative sources when providing data, you are legitimizing what you are writing.

How Can I Improve the Quality of My Content?

Your content marketing strategy should focus on developing content that brings value to users. The content should be interesting, entertaining, and useful to the users reading it. Incorporate the following tactics into your content marketing strategy to improve the quality of your content:

  • Focus on readability and originality
  • Make your content user-friendly
  • Create fresh, new content
  • Write content that is useful and engaging
  • Write at an expert and authoritative level
  • Improve the shareability of your content
  • Add images
  • Cite sources

Incorporating quality content into your content marketing strategy will increase traffic, increase positive brand awareness, and result in improved ROI. In content marketing, less is more when it comes to finding success with users and with Google. Incorporate this into your content marketing strategy and reap the rewards.




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