Meta Descriptions: What Are Meta Descriptions and Why They Are Important

The meta description is an important SEO element for all SEO’s to know. While not entirely tied to your Google ranking, it has an optimal impact on webpage’s (click-through-rate) CTR.

What is the Meta Description?

It provides a brief summary of the webpage you are searching for. It may be comprised of a short paragraph or a short sentence and appears on the search engine page under the clickable heading. In order to provide you with relevant descriptions, Google gathers text from various web pages and displays on the search engine page.

Best Practices to Create High-Quality Meta Descriptions

Write a Unique Meta Description

A meta description serves as compelling tags and functions as your advertising copy. It aims to capture the reader’s attention from the search engine result pages and draw you to your website.

Moreover, it has to be readable as well as compelling for drawing the reader’s attention.  Try to write compelling descriptions by using important keywords related to your brand. High-quality meta descriptions will improve your click-through rate.

Do not Replicate Meta Description

Like title tags, replicating meta descriptions will show you the same web pages. That is why it is important to craft unique meta descriptions.  Using programmatic ways for automated pages is the best way to prevent replication of meta descriptions.

Avoid Quotation Marks

Google removes the information with quotation marks. That makes removing all non-alphanumeric letters from description very important. If your description requires quotation marks, use it with HTML entity to avoid truncation.

Avoid Misleading Description

It is important to remember that Google displays only those descriptions that best match the web content. Writing misleading descriptions only increase the bounce rate and waste searcher’s time.   Hence, to create an impact, it is essential to match the meta description with the content of the page.

Incorporates Keywords in the Meta description

Incorporating keywords in the meta description is as important as using them in the title tags. If a searcher uses a keyword similar to the description, Google will highlight your site in the search results.

Why are Meta Descriptions Important?

A Meta description has a powerful impact on your SEO efforts. However, not used a ranking signal for Google, they are important pieces to the overall SEO puzzle. It has a central value when it comes to maintaining Google ranking.   Only persuasive meta description has the power to increase CTR of your webpage. This means it attracts the potential customers to land on your webpage and explore it.

A unique meta description lets you control what search engine displays each time someone clicks on your website. Thus, a meta description is no less than creating a personalized message to capture the reader’s attention in first place.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, a meta description is the short summary of your web page. It helps the searcher find the relevant information, and can help keep your Google ranking high among your competitors.




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