Understanding the SEO Benefits of Social Media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re likely to be aware that social media is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. In the space of the last ten years, social media has gone from a quirky internet pastime to serious platforms. Facebook is a superpower in the social media sphere while Instagram has now amassed 700 million users, so it is crucial to understand how social media can offer some fantastic SEO benefits to boost your business visibility and help you achieve your marketing goals.

The Complicated Relationship Between SEO and Social Media

In the past, there have been contradictory statements made by Google regarding social media in its ranking algorithms. While they have stated social media pages are indexed like other pages, but also saying social metrics do not act as a direct ranking factor. Google is well known for keeping its cards close to the chest, so it makes it a complicated and confusing proposition.

Although it is not concrete to say that social metrics have a direct impact on your sites search engine rankings, it is important to understand the potential influence of social media platforms.

Many experts agree that there is no need to be concerned about whether social media platform links are valued like a link from a highly relevant and high-quality website. Instead, it is better to focus on using social media platforms to boost ranking signals.

Link Building

Remember that the impact of social media is just one element of any SEO strategy. Focusing solely on a particular “SEO metric” is more than just links and keywords. Great SEO strategies act as core functions to an integrated and holistic digital marketing campaign. However, social media can provide a fantastic tool in a link building campaign.

Link earning provides the power to provide multiple links from one piece of content as opposed to individual links gained from guest posting traditional tactics. Unfortunately, unless you have a massive subscriber count, it can be difficult to harness this potential. Fortunately, social media platforms can provide you with hundreds of connections. You can promote your content instantly to hundreds of people, and when you increase your engagement, your content can become visible to more outside your direct network.

Remember, that you don’t need millions of views to enjoy an impact on your search rankings. Even if you have tens of people engaging with your content, the quality of the engagements on a social media platform tends to be high, so you may even find your content is cited by other content creators, earning you even more links.

Brand Authority

Social media can also be used to build brand authority. A high quality and well thought out social media campaign can develop your brand. When someone searches for a product, even in a direct search, may find your brand name or associated search terms, further boosting your brand authority. While some people may still be wary about social media news and information, at the very least, you’re likely to see an increased click-through rate.

Businesses can benefit a great deal from social media. Whether you want to boost your brand profile and search rankings or generate revenue, social media campaigns can be extremely beneficial. Although each social media campaign should have a primary focus on generating its own success, SEO is still an important consideration.




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