Website Builders vs. Professional Websites: Why Going Professional Is Better for Your Business

Website builders like Wix and GoDaddy are used by millions of people around the world to build and create websites, while widely used content management systems like WordPress are also powerful forces in the online space. Both are useful depending on a website’s purpose and needs. That being said, a medium to large business with high traffic and sales is much better off using a professional content management system like WordPress if the business wants to achieve its business goals.

Here is why you should be focusing on using a content management system like WordPress to build your professional website.

What is a Website Builder?

Website builders allow users to manually build websites without having to use HTML (coding). These builders are usually used by people who are inexperienced or new to website design, and who want to create a website quickly. Website builders are simple and easy to use – but they can only take a website so far.

Professional Website Design

Professional website designers use coding to create websites. If you are serious about creating a professional website which has the capacity to meet all your business needs and gives you flexibility and great features, a professional website is the best way to do it.

Professional websites offer better customization options without resource limitations. They offer thousands of plugins geared towards SEO, e-commerce, leads, user acquisition, and more.

What’s the Difference?

The main difference between the two is in the technical aspects. Although both deliver website servicing through a web server, the service delivery for both methods is different. Website builders have a simple interface and make building a website easy for people who are new to website design. Professional websites require technical skill and knowledge.

In addition to this, websites which are built on website builders cannot be moved or exported to a different host. This means that if you built your website with a website builder and wanted to switch hosts, you would have to abandon your website and start from scratch. This could be absolutely catastrophic to a business.

Other reasons why website builders should never be chosen over a professional website include:

–        Bad for SEO

–        Most website builders are Flash-based, meaning Google can’t read the page

–        Most website builders cannot create multiple pages

–        No website structure

–        Not mobile friendly

–        Not CMS based

–        Slow load speed

–        No analytics

–        You do not own your own website using a website builder.

As a business grows, it makes more sense to switch to a content management system like WordPress, which allows users to build their own website, modify it in any way, and take full control of resources. While website builders do not require any type of special knowledge and are ideal for beginners who are doing simple things like blogging, they simply do not have the capacity, functionality, and features that professional websites do for businesses.

Professional websites offer thousands of free plugins, features, themes, tutorials, and more. They are interactive, engaging, and, most importantly, better for SEO and for your business.




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