Why Internal Linking on a Website Is Important for SEO

A good internal linking strategy can increase a website’s page rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), drive more traffic, and help users navigate through a website. Internal links tell Google about the structure of a website, including which links and content pages are the most valuable. Internal links can also help improve user optimization, which is another major factor that comes into play when Google is ranking a website.

Internal links have various different purposes. These purposes include:

  • Connecting posts that are on a website
  • Telling Google about the type of content that is on a website
  • Helping to move traffic throughout a website
  • Defining the value and hierarchy of the content on a website
  • Determining page authority and ranking through website pages

SEO Agency - Internal Linking StrategyInternal links target the same domain that the link itself is sourcing from. The text that links to the internal page source is called the anchor text, which is the clickable text that is found in the hyperlink. A good internal linking strategy should include a crawlable link structure. Google bots which crawl through and index websites crawl faster through websites which have internal links that point to other pages on a website. A good internal linking structure can significantly improve the indexation of a website, which means that the website is more likely to rank higher on Google searches. This link structure allows bots to travel from page to page to find and index pages on a website.

Internal links also establish a hierarchy of information on a website and spread the ranking power of links throughout the website. Links from high authority pages on a website can lend some of this authority to the pages they are linking to. This helps build authority on deeper, less visited pages of a website. This is why your internal linking strategy should prioritize the most important content to link to so that these pages can redistribute their authority to other less visited pages.

It is also important for websites to actively publish new content on a consistent basis. This is because search engines visit and index websites that are updated more frequently, meaning that the more you update your website, the more likely you are to appear in search engines.

When Google bots crawl a website’s content, the bot follows the links on each web page to determine the relationship between the various links. The bots check to see if the links lead to pages which cover similar, relevant material to ensure that the content being linked to is related to the content that is being described in the post.

Link Value and Link Structure

Google places value on every link that is placed on a web page. More often than not, a website’s homepage has the highest link value. This is because a website’s landing page usually has the most links.  Web pages that are linked from a home page receive more link value because link value is transferred through a hierarchy on web pages. The more you link to a certain post, the more value it has.

An optimal internal linking structure should ideally look like a pyramid. The homepage lends its value to the pages it is linking to, which in turn lend ranking power and link equity to the pages they are linking to. This increases the potential for ranking on each web page. To rank higher in search results, websites should continuously improve and update links.

Internal links can help tell Google what the content on a website is about, the relationship between each link on a website, and how valuable each page is. When building your internal linking strategy, you should focus on linking to your most important content. This allows you to give your important content more link value.

A good SEO strategy should involve an internal linking strategy which prioritizes important content and provides Google bots with a clear path of content to crawl through an index. Use this knowledge to your advantage and build an internal linking strategy that increases your traffic and drives results!

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