Why User Reviews are Essential for Local SEO Success

When optimizing your business’s online presence for local SEO, one of the most important ranking factors are customer reviews. If a majority of a business’s customer reviews are positive, they can help the business’s online presence grow. It is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy and is imperative to help your website rank higher in Google searches.

Reviews are one of the best ways to get search traffic without having to do anything technical. All it takes is asking a customer to leave a review after they have used your products or services. According to Moz, reviews form 13% for the ranking factor among search engine ranking factors, which is why you should use them to your advantage to improve your SEO.

Here’s why user reviews are absolutely essential for local SEO success.

Reviews Make Your Business More Reliable

When someone leaves a positive review about your products or services, it makes your business look more credible and more reliable. In fact, most consumers treat online reviews like personal recommendations. This can increase a consumer’s chances and the likelihood of using your products and services after reading a good review.

Keywords Improve Your Visibility

Keywords used in reviews can rank your website higher in searches. When specific SEO keywords or phrases are used in a review, the higher the chances that your website will receive better visibility.

Quality and Quantity

The quality of your customer reviews plays a big role in determining your business’s ranking in Google searches. And although Google does prioritize businesses with more reviews, at the end of the day, the quality of your reviews is the most important factor.

In the event that your business does get negative reviews, respond to them politely. This can help your business image.


Although it is a great idea to ask customers to leave reviews after they have used your products or services, you should know that Google bots can pull reviews when they notice that there are multiple reviews being posted in a short period of time. This is done to prevent spam reviews. Once a review is deleted, it is gone permanently.

When you are asking customers for a review, ask them to leave feedback on different review sites which are the most popular in your area.

Leverage Reviews the Right Way to Improve Your SEO

Not only do reviews impact your local search engine ranking, but they also impact consumer purchasing decisions. Remember, Google focuses on certain things when considering reviews for rankings, including:

  • Quality of reviews
  • Quantity of reviews
  • Your rating

There are many different ways you can encourage customers to leave positive reviews. When you know someone has had a good experience, ask them to leave a review. Make this a habit with all your customers.  The best way to do it, though, is to ask a customer in person before they leave.

Be persistent and follow up with them. Remember, good reviews are given for good service. So make sure your service is top notch and your employees are trained right. In the event that you receive a negative review, take advantage of the situation and respond politely. Try to use it as an opportunity to transform an unhappy customer into a happy customer. This could possibly lead to a positive review in the long run.

Reviews have a huge impact on local SEO rankings. Online reviews are one of the determining SEO factors that can help you rank higher in local SEO searches. Take advantage of them today to improve your local SEO!




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